Welcome to the
Margo Z. Nahas

Welcome to my first line of jewelry and artwork available on the web. I work in an assortment of mediums, which I offer up for your visual pleasure and purchase. This jewelry is original, unique and handmade, and therefore each piece is one-of-a-kind. The pieces in this collection are endlessly versatile and fun.

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy designing and creating it. My work consists of many different mediums and each piece is unique and always meticulously crafted. I am excited about the fanciful new look my work brings to the art market.

You are welcome to email me or participate in my blog through the MargoZNahas.com site.

Bow and Ribbon Jewelry

The bow and ribbon gold jewelry designs come to life via the lost wax process where the images are carved out of wax and cast, often individually, in precious metal. Some of the larger pieces are cast in sterling silver and plated in 18K gold. They are embellished with precious or semi precious stones and pearls.

Chain Jewelry

The chain jewelry consists of delicate strands of gold chain that drape like fabric. They are made of white, yellow or rose gold and may be ordered according to your preference.

Ceramics and Castings

My resin art is all custom-designed and individually sculpted and cast. The imagery consists of wings, angels, wall masks, embedded graphics, and sometimes novelty pieces. They range from fun jewelry pieces to wall decorations.

The one-of-a-kind ceramics are made of clay or porcelain delicately sculpted, pieced together and kiln fired. They can be purchased as beautiful unique gifts or collected over the years.


My previous work as an airbrush illustrator includes album covers for Van Halen, 1984 and Stevie Wonder, Secret Life of Plants. Both were included in Rollingstone Magazine's 100 best album covers. To view these and other illustrations please click here.